About the Site

Welcome to the Home of Golf – scotlandgolfbible.com

Scotland is the “Home of Golf” and golfers from around the world dream and journey to play s the courses graced by all the legends of the game.

In Scotland, golf is “the people’s game” – it is more accessible and affordable than anywhere else.  Most of the great courses are in fact public courses, owned by the people for the people.  Did you know that St Andrew’s Old Course is closed for golf every Sunday, but open to anyone to walk on!

My name is Moly McMillan and Scotlandgolfbible.com is the story of my ambition to play every single golf hole in Scotland…yes, every single one, and blog about each course!   In recording my, hopefully, epic journey, this site aims to provide an opinion on all of Scotland’s courses.

Therefore, if you want to know about any of Scotland’s nearly 700 or so courses, eventually, this will be a site for you – why not come on my journey and give me your your opinion as well.

“playing the lot!”