My name is Moly McMillan and I am from Dundee in Scotland.  Moly, pronounced “Molly” is actually a nickname, my real name is Malcolm, although “Moly” is not uncommon for Dundonian Malcolms!   I am semi-retired and live with my wife Fran in Somerset in the south-west of England.

I am a keen, but not particularly good, golfer, with a current handicap of 17 (from Isle of Wedmore GC), although my sons refuse to play me for money on that handicap, continually citing my lowest handicap of 11 (some 20 years ago)!  My long held ambition was to be a single figure handicap player, however I am resigned to the reality this will probably never happen.

My ambition to play every single golf hole in Scotland came about when writing a short book about my life when asked to do so by one of my sons, using a template called From Me to You.  When asked about my retirement ambitions, I said “I’d climb all the Munro’s”;   “Everyone does that these days Dad!” came the reply.  OK, I said, I’ll play every single golf hole!  There’s now a £10 bet riding on my success.  When I say all of them, its a fully holes out medal round of Scotland.

“Playing the lot!”